My Biological Family

Our birth mother had 9 children. Her given name is Helen. She has inherited the unfortunate genes of a severe mental illness called schizophrenia, and add to that, general paranoia.

She married when she was very young, at age 17, for 6 years until they divorced.

Her very first child only lived for two days. I have no idea what the circumstances were and it broke my heart when our genealogist presented this information to me.

So now we are down to 8 brothers and sisters, of which I am the youngest, and apparently ‘least informed’ when it came to knowing information about our mom and siblings.

In order of age we have:

1. Chris (lived two days only)

2. Darcy (54 years old)

3. Debbie (52 years old)

4. Danny (51 years old)

5. Darla (50 years old)

6. Lisa (43 years old, lives in Missouri)

Lisa7. Tammy (38 years old, lives in California)

Tammy8. Erick (34 years old, lives in Minnesota)

Erick9. Me! (32 years old, living in Long Beach, CA)

meNow the first five, Chris, Darcy, Debbie, Danny, and Darla where all born of the same father, in our birth mother’s first marriage. Eventually, according to my paperwork from the LA County Adoption Services, in 1970 the 4 children of this marriage were placed in the care of their father, at ages 4, 5, 6, and 8 years old.

The other three, Lisa, Tammy and Erick were adopted as well but the how and the when of it wasn’t included in my paperwork. All in all it seemed like our mother was incapable of caring for us according to the state, and we were split up and adopted out.

I would also like to point out here that Tammy’s name was misspelled in my paperwork as “Tommy”, so I thought she was a he for the longest time! Also, it is unknown who the fathers are of Lisa, Tammy, Erick and myself.

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